"Non botes o lixo no mar" (Stop littering the sea) is borned from our cooperation with Surf ANd Clean environmental project. More than 100 new surfers collaborated singing the choir of the second part of the song. They belonged to the 4 surfing schools that operate at Razo-Baldaio's Beach in Galicia - Spain. All together we joined our voices to send a message of respect for the ocean.

Music was finally recorded in Barcelona, after a couple of failed attemps in Madrid where a damaged hard drive made us lose the first recordings engineered by Elias-Jorge: guitars from Migue, drums from Copi and all the magnificent musical work of the madrilenian musicians of "batucada Zacatum" (Grupeli and Luis)

In Barcelona we were lucky enough to count with Javi Fincias, director of "Unidos de Barcelona". He played all percusion instruments.
Also by coincidence we were able to have Nega Lucas singing with us, with her personal voice at the choirs.
Guitars are composed and played by Migue de la Rosa, that also sang in the choirs.
Mandolina and bass are an elaborated work of Xavier Batllés, that also recorded, edit, mixed and masterized the song. (Bitstudi Studios)
Main voice, direction and composition of the original song are from dAvid Blanco.


Non botes o lixo no mar
van morrer as baleas
non botes o lixo no mar
as súas augas non teñen fronteiras
non botes o lixo no mar
os surfistas están enoxados...
non botes o lixo no mar
é a fonte da vida o lugar mais sagrado...

se botas ao chan....remata no mar
se o botas na area...remata no mar
cando tiras da cadea....remata no mar
pois todo o que vai polos rios tamén
remata no mar


Stop littering the sea
the whales will die
Stop littering the sea
its open waters doesn't have frontiers
Stop littering the sea
surfers are upset
Stop littering the sea
is the source of life, the most sacred place

If you throw it to the floor
Ends up in the sea
if you throw it on the sand
Ends up in the sea
When you flush the toilet
Ends up in the sea
because all that goes along the rivers
Ends up in the sea