En esta sección aparecen las canciones que están finalizadas y mostramos su evolución.
Para que podáis comprobar como el esfuerzo de muchos llega mas lejos...:-)

A continuación os presentamos la evolución de la canción Surf And Sun.


The chords of this song took shape playing at dAvid's roof terrace. Maybe in the summer of 2010.
The lyric however didn't come until we went on a surf trip to the Canary Islands (Lanzarote island).
It was in March 2011. We were staying in a small bungalow in Caleta de Famara, with front and back yard,
and every night dAvid stood awake until late, humming the song while taking a walk along the pier.
Last thing to come was the chorus although now it seems to be the most obvious part of the song.
It came while we were loading the car with the surfboards and the Canarian sun was beating down.
In a bedroom of the bungalow, dAvid recorded the first complete version of the song, using Miky's sound card.
He was such an unexperienced sound technician that an exercise to warm up the voice remained on the recording.

Guitar and vocals: dAvid Blanco. Home studio. Caleta de Famara, Lanzarote. March 2011.


A second version of the song was recorded during the summer music camp "Menorca Psicodélica" in
July 2011. We played in bars and open-air concerts all summer long with Miky playing the bass, Alex on lead guitar,
Copi on the conga drums and dAvid on rhythm guitars and leading vocals. When Ivan was available he did secondary vocals at the chorus. Curro was our live sound engineer.
Bass: Miguel Ángel Segurado. Lead guitar: Alex Scharlach. Rhythm guitar and Vocals: dAvid Blanco. 2nd Vocals: Iván Blanco. Background vocals: Copi.
Recorded by Manabe in Son Foch, Ciutadella de Menorca, Menorca. Mixed by: Manabe and Sami. September 2011.


A third version of the song was recorded live at Tune Up Berlin Studios in July 2012.
Thanks to Tom Bradler. First we did some recordings in his home-studio, and afterwards dAvid was a hole month trying to gather musicians to go to the studio, but without any success. One day Tom called everyone and from this day onwards we recorded during a week. The result was the core of seven songs.

To record the song Surf ANd Sun, first we practiced outdoor a few times, with Chema on guitar, Klark on contrabass and Copi on conga drums. I remember that afternoon was sunny and some spectators gathered around us.
Then we went inside the studio and one of the spectators asked to come with us to watch. He was there sat in silence with us during the whole recording. That same day I recorded a second rhythm guitar.
Another day Alex recorded the lead guitar and Ares and Mary finally came one afternoon and recorded an early version of their voices. Also a friend of Klark gave some ideas and recorded some vocals.

Lead guitar: Alexander Scharlach. Guitar:José Manuel García López. Bass: Der Klark. Conga drums: Víctor López.
Vocals: Ares Gratal, María Batllori, Klark friend. Lead Vocal and rhythm guitars: dAvid Blanco.

Recorded on Tune Up Berlin by Tom Bradler. Mixed by Tom Bradler. August 2012.


Last version was made overdubbing version 3.0. Each track was recorded in different studios. Chema recorded again the voices of the girls in Berlin. Adrian recorded his piano track in Madrid. In Barcelona (May 2013), Audun as sound engineer recorded his trumpet and Luis playing conga drums and pailas.
In October appeared Josep and we fixed a date to record the lead vocals and to mix the song. Finally we recorded lead vocals on Aurha Studios with Mauri in December 18th and review the song with Josep. On Friday 20th we recorded Miguel's secondary vocals and the mix was completed.

Lead Guitar : Alexander Scharlach. Conga drums: Victor López García. Bass : Der Klark. Guitar: José Manuel García López ( Chema ).
Voices : Ares Gratal , Batllori Maria and Miguel Ángel de la Rosa. Conga drums and timbales : Luis Alfonso Ramirez Guerra. Trumpet : Audun Waage. Piano : Adrián Foulkes.
Rhythm guitar , lead vocals, lyrics and original idea : dAvid Blanco . " Music from the Surf and Sun"

Mixed on Aurha by Mauricio Tonelli with collaboration of Josep Lladó.