dAvid Blanco.

Natural from Madrid. Living in Madrid.
He has a degree in business administration.
Guitar and vocals. Writer, surfer and traveller.
He started playing the guitar at the age of 16. His first gig was when he was 23.
He started his first business in his early twenties, and music was always there but like a hobby.
He has been involved in several and despair music projects: rock, electronic, funk..etc.
In 2006 he founded El Cielo Lokal music association. An underground place conceived to give an opportunity to play to local bands.
Since 2007, when he travelled to Brasil to became a Surfboards Shaper, music became more important in his life.
In 2010 he organized with Eduardo Reolid the first national championship of siesta in Spain. It was a tremendous media success, you can still find about it on internet.
In 2011 he started his vital, musical and ecological project Surf ANd Sun. Also organized a music summer camp called "Menorca Psicodélica". In 2012, during the summer he travelled to Berlin to record with Tune Up Berlin.
In 2013 he finally decided to become a professional musician and performed an acoustic tour with Victor López playing in more than 70 gigs. (Menorca, Barcelona, Madrid and Galicia)
In 2014 he is developing Surf ANd Clean project. The environmental part of Surf ANd Sun.
"Each time you go surfing collect something from the beach"