Iván Blanco.

Natural from Madrid. Living in Madrid.
He did his first electric guitar studies in his hometown with Rafael Luque.
Attended to Yembe classes in "Parque del Retiro", Madrid.
He finished a one year professional guitarist degree at Twenty Century Music Academy, in Madrid.
He formed part of a rock band called: "El Cielo Stokeds". As lead guitar mainly, but also as vocalist.
He also played trumpet in a funk band called Starfunk.
Nowadays he is studiying 5º course of music theory and he is also attending to singing lessons as he´d always had a continuous will to improve as a musician.
He is really stylish painting graffiti and through the years has been developing his own topics.
He has a great imagination and skills to develop typographies. He designed for example the logo of "El Cielo Lokal".