Miguel Angel de la Rosa.

Natural from Santa Clara, Cuba. Living in Barcelona.

In 2008 he composed his first songs and start forming part of the project "La Trovuntivitis" in Santa Clara.
There he shared stage with artist like Manu Chao and important contemporary songwriters in Cuba like Alain Garrido, Diego Gutierrez, Leonardo Garcia, Rolando Berrio…etc.

More than 2 years ago he moved to Barcelona and started a project called "Nit dels trovadors" where he gathers with another 8 songwriters (the Cats) and some invited musicians (the Lions) each 1st and 3rd sunday, in a place called "Café de les Delicies".

Talking about Miguel´s music we have to admit that he is a songwriter with a delicate and studied repertoire, in which he develops songs in every different cuban style. He is also remarkable composing songs in international styles like: pop, rock and reggae. He manages to achieve fluid melodies, and clear harmonies but keeping a point in common with the lyricism featured in Trovuntivitis.