Miky Simón.

Natural from Madrid. Living in Madrid.
Enviromental Science Degree and master in Occupational Hazard Prevention. He is a very complete musician: vocals, guitar, bass and drums. He started singing and playing guitar at the age of 13.Has founded several music projects since the age of 16, playing Rock, Funk, Blues and Jazz. During his twenties he gave priority to conventional work, leaving music as a hobby. In 2011 he decided to focus on music and decided to quit the job at the office. This year he travelled with dAvid Blanco to a music summer camp based in the island of Menorca. He collaborated with Surf ANd Sun and put a lot of energy in his personal and vital project Acoustic Tales. With this project he came back to his roots playing and singing alone with his acoustic guitar. He is currently working part time with children, coordinating the activities of the children after regular classes in several schools. This job allows him to concentrate evenings in his several musical projects: Negronauta (drums and vocals), Electric Valley (Bass and vocals), Back to the Caverns (bass) and his personal project acoustic Tales (acoustic guitar and vocals).

Back to the caverns - https://soundcloud.com/back-to-the-caverns/firewalking?in=back-to-the-caverns/sets/lost-in-time
Acoustic Tales: http://youtu.be/WtlTzGdLeeA